Escambia Martial Arts

Escambia Martial Arts

Respect, Health, Community and Personal Developement


Michael Jones, Head Instructor

Michael Jones


Michael Jones began his training at Wayne Hull School of Kyukido in January of 2004. In 2008, Mr. Jones earned is 1st degree black belt and became an assistant instructor at Wayne Hull School of Kyukido, and in 2010 was given the responsibility as the Head Instructor of the children program. He continued his training in martial arts while assisting at Wayne Hull School of Kyukido and in 2011 Mr. Jones tested for his 2nd Degree Black Belt.

In October of 2011, Mr. Jones pursued opening his own school. Through some minor difficulties, Escambia Martial Arts opened in February of 2012.

Mr. Jones continues to train under Mr. Blumreich AKF Athens Martial Arts in Kyuki-Do and Judo. Mr. Jones believes that hard work in and outside of the Dojang, both physical and psychological, is of great benefit for all students of the arts which directly translates to a better quality of life in all facets.


John Thomas, Instructor