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Escambia Martial Arts

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Advanced Training - Leadership Training

"Progress in Kyuki-Do is measured in the student’s physical and mental development, their humility, their self-control, and they unwavering commitment to the goal of personal perfection."

Grand Master Kim,
The Art of Kyuki-Do

The Training continues, you now have completed Kyuki-Do basic training and our now a green belt (9th Kup). The Leadership class is for those individuals that are committed to earning their black belts. This journey will take the basic skills and concepts you have just aquired and expand them into a complete self-defensive system.

The Leadership program will include advandced training in joint manipulation, joint locks, sparring, grappling, weapons and more. Along with the physical skills you will work to also strengthen your physical and mental conditioning.

Private lessons are also available to all students of Escambia Martial Arts. These lessons are designed to assist students who have a desire for intensive one-on-one training with the head instructor.