Escambia Martial Arts

Escambia Martial Arts

Respect, Health, Community and Personal Developement

Welcome to Escambia Martial Arts! We are a family-oriented martial arts school that focuses on personal development. We would like for you to become part of our martial arts family, where we offer a traditional martial arts approach to developing fitness, self-discipline, and confidence.

We are also a proud member of the American Kyuki-Do Federation established in 1979. Being part of the American Kyuki-Do federation is being part of one big family where each of your successes our recoginized by all.

"Thank you for visiting our website! I hope our site was able to answer all your questions about Escambia Martial Arts. If not please use our contact pageI look forward to meeting with you and learning more about your personal goals."

Michael Jones,
Head Instructor

Time to make that first step.

Escambia Martial Arts has programs for martial arts students of all ages. Whether you’re interested in enrolling a child, taking classes yourself, or signing on as a “black belt family,” Escambia Martial Arts develops more than just physical fitness… we build the skills and confidence that lead to achievement in all areas of life.

Every student is a valued part of our community. Together, we work toward our goals, supporting each other’s efforts and celebrating every success. Regardless of your age, fitness level, lifestyle or goals, Kyuki-Do has something valuable to offer you. Join us for a Free Trial and challenge yourself to become more and do it NOW!