Dojang Rules

1. No shoes on the mats, or training area.

2. Bow when entering and leaving the dojang.

3. Bow to the head instructor the first time you see him on that day, and always address him as "Sir" or "Sabom-nim".

4. Bow to all black belts the first time you see them that day, and always address them as "Sir" or "Mam".

5. Always turn away from the class to adjust your dobok (uniform) or dhee (belt).

6. Everyone should help in the setting up and the cleanliness of the dojang. Please use equipment respectfully.

7. Report all injuries to one of the instructors prior to a class or a test.

8. No food or drinks in the dojang.

9. Do not attend classes under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

10. Do not try any techniques until the instructor has shown them to you.

11. If you are late attending a class wait at the side, stand at attention, until acknowledged and "bow in".

12. If you must leave the training area during class, inform the instructor and "bow out".

13. Maintain discipline, know the Tenets of Kyukido and the Kyukido pledge.

14. Light contact is allowed in sparring, and students are expected to use controlled techniques. Sparring is only permitted with the permission of an instructor.

15. Students are expected to be courteous. They are to help fellow students whenever possible.