Little Dragons

Escambia Martial Arts takes pride in its preschool martial arts program. Our Lil' Dragons class covers the same basic material as our regular classes, but is paced appropriately for younger students.

Designed especially for children ages 4 to 6, this fun, introductory martial arts class teaches very basic martial arts techniques through structured physical games. This class emphasizes respect, attention, discipline, balance and healthy physical activity. If your preschooler has some excess energy that needs to be burned off, this is the place for it!

Students get their first taste of basic martial art techniques and philosophy such as: doing their best, being respectful to and around, parents, classmates and instructors.  Older children (7 and up) will find that our Basic Kyuki-Do class provides the perfect balance of fun and challenge!

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Lil' Dragons

The Pathway from White Belt To Black Belt

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